Professional Photography Services

I recently had the opportunity to be contacted by someone that would like to hire professional photography services to capture pictures for his website – Cmacplumbing


The picky individual that I was, and the fact that I actually have a few clients to take care, I had to ensure that this job was worth it. So when I say worth it, I actually do not mean the fee.


Although some professional photographers here in Oxford concentrate on the amount of money they get from a gig, I concentrate on experience.


Will this be an exciting project ? Or might it be boring and will it constrict my artistic abilities ? Might it be too easy ? Or might it be challenging and makes a wonderful addition to my portfolio ? Might it be something new ? Or will it be the typical “get as many pictures of me as possible thereby making sure I look pretty in most of them” kind of event ?


It had been good that the customer understood just how I operate as a photographer and he respected me enough to wait for me to decide if I must take the task or not.


C Mac Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service Photography


Exactly the same day, once i had the opportunity to look into the website, I discovered out that it was a kind of information site ; giving people ideas and solutions about Drain Cleaning Service and etc. and Cmac plumbing also available in different location C Mac Anniston location, C Mac Oxford location and C Mac Jacksonville location.


Two things came across my mind while browsing through the site. The first one was that I will surely be taking this assignment because it fits the bill of being new to my experience, and I like the idea that I would be able to help people understand better the problems and issues regarding water damage.


The second thing that crossed my mind is the question, “Why would this man spend too much for photographs on a website ?” I mean, right now, these websites could easily take some pictures off the Internet and use them.


In order for my question to get an answer and also to tell him that I am going to take the challenge, I called him the next morning. When I asked him about why he felt the need to hire a professional, he said that just like me, he wants things to feel organic and real, thus, he wants to showcase actual and real photographs of Drain Cleaning Service. For him, it makes his site relate better to readers, and it makes them feel that every piece of information on his website is true and can be applied to whatever plumbing problem they could be facing.


And i have get a chance to go in different places in Anniston, Jacksonville and Oxford while working and got a chance to take a beautiful photos of Choccolocco park and White oak Vineyards and eat in their beautiful restaurants like Western Sizzlin Steak House and Mellow Mushroom.


Indeed, being a photographer has its perks, and one of those is to be able to encounter people such as this guy, who have genuine hearts and intentions.


Commercial Realtor Learns Professional Photography


Back in the old days when internet and online real estate listings were not yet a trend, anyone who was interested to buy a home had to look into the Sunday newspaper or took time to drive by to get a look on the house on sale. But people now lead busier lives and driving by to an address to have a first glimpse of the house will take so much of their time. So it’s more convenient to take a virtual tour or look at images of houses online. It’s actually from the photos online where buyers often get the first impression about a house.

Such current fact about home buyers had prompted my friend Diane, a commercial realtor in Anniston, Alabama, to invest on a professional camera to augment her new real estate job. She knew from the very beginning about the importance of great quality photos in selling houses. Professional photos have the ability to draw attention from the potential buyers. There has been a tough competition in the real estate market and she had to learn how to put his best foot forward.

Diane never considered hiring a professional to do home shots. She thought it would just be another expense. She learned using her camera on her own but became frustrated with her photo results. She realized using a professional camera required the right skills and techniques. She wanted to enroll herself in a photography school but I told her it can be costly and the better way is to hire someone good to teach her during the weekends. So, I recommended to her a photographer I had known from my sister’s wedding. His name was Luis. He specializes in wedding photography and videography and works with an artistic team. Luis and Diane had to meet on a weekday for tutorials because weddings usually happen on weekends. It means Luis gets a full load of work during Saturdays and Sundays.

After a few weeks of tutorial, Diane became good in producing quality photos for her home sales campaign. She has become a savvy realtor who knows how to prep and stage a house to make it interesting. Choosing best angles and compositions in the interiors of home has been easy for her. She knows very well how to capture the selling points of a house. By using some good editing software, she became skilled in tweaking photos to come out as perfect and captivating.

Diane was able to sell a million dollar home after she posted a photo of it online using her DSLR camera along with her guts and skills. It was one of the many homes for sale in Anniston. That was the first big break she had gotten as a real estate agent. After that, selling homes had become easier for her. She’s been convinced that a better-photographed home is more likely to sell faster. She considers her camera as her lucky charm. Now that she is close of becoming a real pro in photography, she wants to try wedding photography. She likes to document wedding moments as much as she likes capturing beautiful homes.

If you want to get in touch with Diane, you can contact her using the details below:

The Joey Crews Team – Keller Williams Realty Group
1805 Hillyer Robinson Pkwy
Suite A
Anniston, AL 36207
(256) 310-2294


And, as an added bonus, here is a video on basic photography that you can try to learn from while you look for a professional friend to help you, or while you save up for a photography class: