What a Mess!!

What a Mess!!

I love the summer! I honestly think that most mothers love summer because of all the time they get to spend with their kids. Also, it seems like things get too slow down more over the summer. You do not have as many practices, games, or any other school events to attend to. I really do love getting to spend most of my summer days with my kids. I am very blessed to a mother and have a wonderful little family.


As much as I do love summer things still can be very chaotic and boring at times. One week this past summer it rained for what seemed like an eternity. I woke up one morning and saw that our backyard looked like a swimming pool. At first, I thought nothing of it, but as the day went on it seemed to be getting bigger. I first called a plumber and they told me that there was nothing that they could do for me. I then knew that I had to call Hydrovac Edmonton. Once I called them it took them no time to come out to the house and see what they could do.  

They sent over two of the best trenching contractors they had. They told me with all of they rain that we had all my water pipes were clogged with dirt. They were clogged so bad that some busted and that was where all the water was coming from. Every time someone used anything with water it was going in the backyard! They told me this job was too big for the plumber and that is why he said he could not do anything for me. I have to admit when the plumber said he could not help me I was a little worried. That went away quickly once I spoke with the Hydrovac contractors . They made me feel so much better and I felt even better once they came to my house.

I had a great experience with them. Something else that I love about their company is how they are good for the environment. You can never go wrong with that at all!

The Art in A Distinctive Photograph

In a busy world we have, it’s nice to be able to get away into our inner passion which is known as photography. It’s a new way of discovering our happiness and with it, we forget about the stress and worries we have left behind. We find comfort behind the camera by snapping photos that we love to see. Sometimes, there are times when we find challenges in photography because we complicate it too much, rather than keep it simple and appreciate. It should be a simple form of art that we photographers express.


When we find photographs that are not complicated, we find it very meaningful because it speaks so much of the subject. Most photographers think that photography is more of a regular process of elimination in getting rid of everything that doesn’t help make the picture look stronger and more attractive to the viewer. Photographers must find ways to make their photos look captivating to drive more attention from the viewers.

Simple Photographs

There are some places that can create a feeling of simplicity in the photographs captured more readily than others. You may travel different places to capture extraordinary photos. It may look very dull and boring, but when you captured it with passion, you find this simple photograph elegant that is worth to share. Through that, you get to inspire a lot of people to try new things to capture and see if there’s a big difference in taking these photos with passion or not. The more you imagine creative things in your mind, the more interesting it is to capture simple photos and you can truly say that the photos may be simple but the stories behind it make the photos more beautiful and fascinating.

Photography is not just about the gadgets you use to take pictures, nor the amount of money you get paid for with the photos, it’s about what’s in your mind and heart that people want to see. You may take several fabulous photos but they are not at all interesting. However, if you captured that one single and simple photo with a story from your heart, you’ll surely achieve the best photograph that’s worth to share.

The Process of A Digital Photo Restoration

There is a new way to restore a photo and that is through the process of igital photo restoration. It can work miracles that will surprise you such as turning one faded old family portrait into a new image of seemingly modern class with high quality. This new process can work in different ways to give a photograph a timeless feel that makes it very personal and special. Getting through these transformations yourself is not difficult at all. Yes, it may seem hard to some people but you can learn ways to know which of the restoration tools you should use to make the whole process simple and easy.

The Rise of the Scanner

Before you perform the process of digital photo restoration, you need to scan the original photo or the film negative. This is a very critical step because it will eventually determine the potential of your photo restoration. In order to handle this step with ease, you need to get a high quality scanner that can best scan the original photo perfectly. There are several excellent scanners to choose from and you must observe which one can do best in providing you a clear and high quality original photo.

Scanning Software

There are many options of software to choose from to use in you scanner. Well, nowadays, most of them will work fine in all types of scanners. It caters to the capabilities of the scanner to work best in providing the best scanned photos of the original images.

Restoring Contrast

After scanning, the original photo, you can now make adjustments to achieve the best result in the whole process of digital photo restoration. You can lessen the strength of dark colors by slowly fading the contrast as it provides more light to the dark photos.


Once you were able to adjust the basics, you can then use Photoshop to make the photos more attractive with color adjustments that will best suit the photos you want to achiever. Here, you can manually edit the photos to make it look more original and attractive.

These are the basic steps in doing the process of digital photo restoration. If you can’t still get enough of it, try to experiment more and use the basic steps in creating the best photo that you want to restore.