Taking Photographs For MyWebPal Website

Photography for MyWebPal

Image Credit: pocketsuite.io

I recently had the chance to be contacted by someone who wishes to hire professional photography services to capture pictures for his website – MyWebPal.

The picky person that I was, and the fact that I already have a few clients to attend to, I had to make sure that this job was worth it. And when I say worth it, I do not mean the fee.

While some professional photographers here in California focus on the amount of money they get from a gig, I focus on experience.

Will this be a fun assignment? Or will it be boring and will it constrict my artistic abilities? Will it be too easy? Or will it be challenging and would make a wonderful addition to my portfolio? Will it be something new? Or will it be the typical “get as many pictures of me as possible and make sure I look pretty in all of them” kind of event?

It was good that the client understood how I operate as a photographer and he respected me enough to wait for me to decide if I want to take the job or not.

MyWebPal Water Damage Photography

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

That same day, when I had the chance to look into the website, I found out that it was a sort of information site; giving people ideas and solutions about water damage issues.

Two things came across my mind while browsing through the site. The first one was that I will surely be taking this assignment because it fits the bill of being new to my experience, and I like the idea that I would be able to help people understand better the problems and issues regarding water damage.

The second thing that crossed my mind is the question, “Why would this man spend too much for photographs on a website?” I mean, right now, these websites could easily take some pictures off the Internet and use them.

In order for my question to get an answer and also to tell him that I am going to take the challenge, I called him the next morning. When I asked him about why he felt the need to hire a professional, he said that just like me, he wants things to feel organic and real, thus, he wants to showcase actual and real photographs of water damage problems. For him, it makes his site relate better to readers, and it makes them feel that every piece of information on his website is true and can be applied to whatever water damage problem they could be facing.

Indeed, being a photographer has its perks, and one of those is to be able to encounter people such as this guy, who have genuine hearts and intentions.

Photography for MyWebPal

Image Credit: jeffbridges.com

Tona Parrish