The Art in A Distinctive Photograph

In a busy world we have, it’s nice to be able to get away into our inner passion which is known as photography. It’s a new way of discovering our happiness and with it, we forget about the stress and worries we have left behind. We find comfort behind the camera by snapping photos that we love to see. Sometimes, there are times when we find challenges in photography because we complicate it too much, rather than keep it simple and appreciate. It should be a simple form of art that we photographers express.


When we find photographs that are not complicated, we find it very meaningful because it speaks so much of the subject. Most photographers think that photography is more of a regular process of elimination in getting rid of everything that doesn’t help make the picture look stronger and more attractive to the viewer. Photographers must find ways to make their photos look captivating to drive more attention from the viewers.

Simple Photographs

There are some places that can create a feeling of simplicity in the photographs captured more readily than others. You may travel different places to capture extraordinary photos. It may look very dull and boring, but when you captured it with passion, you find this simple photograph elegant that is worth to share. Through that, you get to inspire a lot of people to try new things to capture and see if there’s a big difference in taking these photos with passion or not. The more you imagine creative things in your mind, the more interesting it is to capture simple photos and you can truly say that the photos may be simple but the stories behind it make the photos more beautiful and fascinating.

Photography is not just about the gadgets you use to take pictures, nor the amount of money you get paid for with the photos, it’s about what’s in your mind and heart that people want to see. You may take several fabulous photos but they are not at all interesting. However, if you captured that one single and simple photo with a story from your heart, you’ll surely achieve the best photograph that’s worth to share.

Tona Parrish